Friday, 11 November 2011

I remember :)

Do you remember the day we met?
It was a day i will never forget,
Looking at your new best friend just
moves me to tears,
For i see that i have no reason to be

I remember,
One lucky song and a friendship starts,
This is what i long for on a wishing star,
A friend like you filled my darki world
with light,
And you make me see everything in sight.

I remember
I was weak and feeble that i couldn't
And now i stand tall with your miracle
You filled this empty space in me with love,
To me you're like an angle sent from

I remember ,
I've let you down before but you never
You're strong enough to resist the pain,
You filled my life with joy and laughter,
And that's my happily ever after.

I remember
We cherished every moment we had
We pray our golden moments would last
We wished our friendship would last for a long a time,
We hoped  everyting between us would be just fine.

But now,
I see our friendship starts to fade,
When a new girl in town breaks that fate,
It is a fact that i don't want it to be,
But i have lost hope  for you and me.

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