Saturday, 23 July 2011

Roses And Their Meaning

Sincere Love & Respect, Courage & Passion

Grace and Gentility, the rose of sweet thoughts.

In the Victorian times, yellow roses meant jealousy. But today, they signify friendship, joy, gladness and freedom, the promise of a new beginning

Spiritual love & Purity, the rose of confession, the bridal rose; "You are heavenly", "I am worthy of you"

Love at first sight and enchantment

Friday, 22 July 2011

hello :)

Asslamualaikum.Hello. hi everyone i`m Nisa. I`m new here.i`m just create my blog since I 13 year old.I think it is better for me to create blog  because i want to write everything that had happened a memories lah katakan.Actually,I like to Rather than speak Anything.That I like Share with people?Dulu tak , but now i did it.

About the colour ,I know this  blog looks so green I`m sorry for those who does not this colour .I really do not know and realise  since when I start to love this colour .I know everybody have their own perception  by only knowing  the colour of that person like .But I hope,you guys will give a good assumtion on me i never hope this  blog will have its followers .Just a simple blog .This blog is going to share with you on what i`m doing right now and share something that i know . Sharing is caring right? you  can also  share with me on what you want to share .I`m just write on  i`m  doing  since i do not have much time to write on my diary.

I`m sorry because my English is not good .I`m just  trying learn and learn That`s what my father said. We should  learn and practise it ,then it will better Okey lah , there`s nothing else to say .Bye :) Hope you guys enjoying this blog

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My LoVeLy SuNfLoWeRs




Bunga matahari adalah yang paling gembira. Bunga dan makna  mereka termasuk kesetiaan dan panjang umur.Mereka adalah unik dalam keupayaan mereka untuk menyediakan tenaga dalam bentuk khasiat dan vibrane,sifat yang mencerminkan matahari ialah tenaga yang disediakan oleh haba dan cahaya.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

mY LoVeLy PaInTs


Gambar di atas ini menunjukkan salah satu lukisan yang ada di rumah saya.Saya  dan ahli keluarga sangat suka kanya kerana ianya amat unik dan sangat  cantik:)