Friday, 22 July 2011

hello :)

Asslamualaikum.Hello. hi everyone i`m Nisa. I`m new here.i`m just create my blog since I 13 year old.I think it is better for me to create blog  because i want to write everything that had happened a memories lah katakan.Actually,I like to Rather than speak Anything.That I like Share with people?Dulu tak , but now i did it.

About the colour ,I know this  blog looks so green I`m sorry for those who does not this colour .I really do not know and realise  since when I start to love this colour .I know everybody have their own perception  by only knowing  the colour of that person like .But I hope,you guys will give a good assumtion on me i never hope this  blog will have its followers .Just a simple blog .This blog is going to share with you on what i`m doing right now and share something that i know . Sharing is caring right? you  can also  share with me on what you want to share .I`m just write on  i`m  doing  since i do not have much time to write on my diary.

I`m sorry because my English is not good .I`m just  trying learn and learn That`s what my father said. We should  learn and practise it ,then it will better Okey lah , there`s nothing else to say .Bye :) Hope you guys enjoying this blog

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